Transcend Warriors Program

Many people have posted comments and shared with us how Transcend has helped them put an end to days spent chasing highs and lows! Now we want to hear from you and have you become a Transcend Warrior! Share your inspiring story and upload a photo for a chance to be featured in our Transcend Starter Guide, as well as website. For doing this, we will email you a $2 OFF Discount Code to be used on our website for your next purchase! 


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Type of Diabetes:

How many low blood sugar instances do you have per week:

What do you treat your low blood sugar with now:


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How do you manage your diabetes:


Share your story with us! ---- Tell us how you Keep Transcending despite having diabetes. This could be about you playing a favorite sport, activity or just your inspirational story:


Have you tried our Transcend Glucose Gels? Tell us how it has helped treat your low blood sugars:


Email your answers and a picture of yourself to to be featured!